Law Reform

HALCO participates in law reform and community development activities that may benefit or assist people with HIV/AIDS.

Law reform activities are frequently based in community development initiatives and seek to involve as many and as broad a range of individuals with HIV/AIDS as possible. Some of our activities are indicated below. Please contact us for more information about our law reform and community development activities.

Some of the networks and organizations that we have been involved with include:

HIV Organizations/Services

  • Canadian Coalition to Reform HIV Criminalization (CCRHC) / Coalition canadienne pour réformer la criminalisation du VIH (CCRCV)
  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
  • Ontario Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure (CLHE)
  • AIDS Committee of Toronto
  • Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT)
  • Federal & provincial HIV and Corrections working groups
  • HIV Research Ethics Board [Ontario HIV Treatment Network & University of Toronto]
  • Toronto HIV/AIDS Network
  • African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario
  • Ontario AIDS Network
  • Canadian AIDS Society
  • Fife House

Community Legal Clinic and Legal Aid Ontario Networks

  • Inter-Clinic Immigration Working Group
  • Ontario Steering Committee on Social Assistance
  • Toronto Social Assistance Action Committee
  • Tenant Advocacy Group
  • Interclinic Public Housing Workgroup
  • Family Violence Interclinic Workgroup Toronto
  • Specialty Legal Clinics Co-Location Project
  • Legal Aid Ontario Clinic Law Advisory Committee
  • Legal Aid Ontario Family Law Advisory Committee

Some of the law reform activities, coalitions and related publications that we have been involved with include: