HALCO Committee members are volunteers who provide input and support to our Board of Directors and staff.

HALCO has a variety of Committees including:  Fundraising, Finance, Governance, Board Recruitment and Personnel.  Committees generally meet once a month, with occasional special meetings and events.

Committee members are people from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to our community.  They come together to support our services and to contribute to our community.  Being a Committee member is an opportunity to network, to meet others who share your commitment, and to enrich your own knowledge and experience.  You do not need to have any legal experience – just a commitment and willingness to do your best.

Our Committees strive to be diverse and representative of the many facets of the communities served by the clinic.  While no particular experience is required, our Board strives to have Committee members with a variety of experience/knowledge, including non-profit management, human resources, financial management, etc.

Committee members sign our Confidentiality Statement.  Becoming a HALCO Committee member can be good preparation for standing for election to our Board of Directors.

If you are interested in volunteering for a HALCO Committee, please contact us.