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This page contains information about HIV and AIDS.  For information about getting legal help, please visit the Our Services page of our website.

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  AIDS is the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Being infected with HIV is often called “living with HIV” or being “HIV positive” / “HIV+”.

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CATIE is “Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information”. For general information about HIV and AIDS, you can visit the CATIE website, including HIV The Basics:

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HIV/AIDS Medical Information

Government HIV-related Information (including statistics)

HIV/AIDS Legal Information

  • HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO)Contact Us.
  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, produces many resources related to HIV, privacy, disclosure and criminalization:
  • Ontario Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure (CLHE):

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HIV and Human Rights Information (Ontario and Canada)

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Community-based HIV/AIDS Organizations & Networks



International HIV Information and Organizations

Community Services Information in Ontario

  • 211 Community Information Services dial 211 anywhere in Ontario for information about services in your community:, and in Toronto:

HIV & Travel Information

Legal Advice

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