Housing Co-operatives (Co-ops)

This section is for people who live in a not-for-profit housing co-operative (“co-op”).  Co-ops are run by members of the co-op and have an elected Board of Directors made up of co-op members.  Co-op members pay a monthly housing charge (rent) and some households pay a geared-to-income housing charge.  Co-op members usually participate in activities related to the running of the co-op.

The Co-operative Housing Federation website has information about co-ops:  https://chfcanada.coop/about-co-op-housing.

Getting legal help

The law can be very complicated, so if you have a question or problem, we recommend that you get legal advice about your situation:

Help to find housing

Housing help services may help you to find a place to live. You can find out if there is a housing help service in your area on the Housing Help Association of Ontario website: https://findhousinghelp.ca/.