Get Involved

HALCO is a charitable not-for-profit community-based legal clinic that provides free legal services for people with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.  In addition, we participate in public legal education activities, and we are also active in many networks, law reform and community development activities.  For more information about HALCO, please see our About Us  and Our Services sections.

There are many ways that you can “get involved” and this section will give you some ideas!  You can:

HIV & Stigma

You can also get involved by talking with people about HALCO and about HIV issues.  You can be part of the solution in fighting the misinformation, stigma and discrimination that still exist. You can visit our Human Rights section for more information about discrimination issues.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network website has information about HIV and discrimination:

HALCO pamphlet cover image 2019HALCO pamphlet

Our HALCO information pamphlet is available in print and on-line. Almost everything that you might want to know about HALCO is in one pamphlet.  You can view our HALCO pamphlet on-line:  Please contact us if you would like to request print copies of our pamphlet.

Getting legal help

The law is complicated.  If you are living with HIV in Ontario, please contact us for free legal advice.

Community legal clinics provide free legal services to people across Ontario.  HALCO’s community is people living with HIV in Ontario. Legal clinics are independent not-for-profit organizations with volunteer Boards of Directors.  There are two types of community legal clinics:

  • General/local community legal clinics provide services to people in the clinic’s local community, and,
  • Specialty community legal clinics, like HALCO, provide services to a particular group of people or in a particular area of law.

You can contact your local community legal clinic to find out about services in your community.  You can find your local community legal clinic as well as specialty legal clinics using the Legal Aid Ontario website: