Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is being eliminated as of September 30, 2019

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is being eliminated as of September 30, 2019

As we reported in our summer 2019 newsletter (page 8), the Ontario government is eliminating the current approach to compensation for victims of crime and replacing it with an administrative process.

Currently, individuals can apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) for compensation for the following in relation to crimes:

  • pain and suffering
  • expenses as a result of the injury or death
  • loss of money including loss of income
  • support of a child born as a result of sexual assault
  • other costs and expenses that the Board considers reasonable.

On September 6, 2019, the Ontario government announced that the cut-off date for applications to the CICB is September 30, 2019.

The CICB will process all existing applications before it ceases operating. Here is a link the CICB website:

If you think you may be eligible to apply to the CICB for compensation, we encourage you to get legal advice as soon as possible.

If you are living with HIV, please contact HALCO for free legal advice.

Victim Quick Response Program + starts October 1, 2019

The September 6, 2019, Ontario government announcement also stated that the Victim Quick Response Program is being enhanced to become the new Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP+), which will be effective as of October 1, 2019.

The VQRP+ is the administrative process that is replacing the current criminal injuries compensation process and the Financial Assistance for Homicide Victims program.

Under the VQRP+, applications will no longer be adjudicated by a tribunal and there will no longer be hearings. At the time this update was written, there was little public information available about the new VQRP+. Here are links to the Ontario government News Release and Backgrounder:

Getting Legal Help

People living with HIV in Ontario can contact the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) for free legal advice about any legal issue: 416-340-7790 or toll-free 1-888-795-8889. You can find more information on the HALCO website:

People can also contact their local community legal clinic for free legal advice. Local legal clinics can be found using the Legal Aid Ontario website:

This information is also available on our website in pdf:


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