Coalition including HALCO calls on Ontario to respond to COVID-19 outbreak in Correctional Facilities (Updated March 31, 2021)

On December 21, HALCO, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Aboriginal Legal Services, the Community Justice Collective and the Black Legal Action Centre wrote to Ontario’s Solicitor General to express deep concern regarding the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak at Toronto South Detention Centre (“TSDC”).

As outlined in the letter, the coalition has three core areas of concern: the continued lack of transparent and accessible information related to COVID-19 cases at provincial institutions; multiple reports of inadequate infection controls at TSDC; and the widespread use of solitary confinement and lockdowns. 

The coalition is urging TSDC and the Ministry of the Solicitor General to take immediate steps to address these issues. Specific recommendations are contained in the letter. 

Ontario’s Solicitor General response is here.

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