Changes to Healthcare System in Response to COVID-19

Medical Coverage for Uninsured People

Ontario is paying for medically necessary services for everyone in the province, whether they have government health insurance or not. This applies to services inside and outside of hospital settings. However, some health providers outside of hospital settings may decide to charge money for services. If you are living with HIV and are denied medical services, you can call HALCO. If you are living with HIV and are charged for medical services, you can also call HALCO (if at all possible, call before paying for the services). If you are not living with HIV, you can call your local community legal clinic.

Three-month OHIP Waiting Period Removed Temporarily

The three-month waiting period for coverage under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) has been removed temporarily.

In addition, people do not need to renew expired or expiring OHIP cards at this time.

Mental Health and Addictions Support

The Ontario government is increasing supports related to mental health and addiction issues. For more information, including about online and phone supports, see here.


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