Changes to Social Assistance in Ontario – Important ODSP/OW Update (2019July)

[Note: on July 22, 2019, we revised this info sheet. Please use the revised version, which can be identified by the (R) beside the date in the document footer.]

In November 2018, we reported on the government of Ontario’s announcement of a new direction for social assistance ( The proposed changes relate to Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

We have prepared a Changes to Social Assistance in Ontario – Important ODSP/OW Update info sheet to provide information about:

  • changes to how earned income is treated and when the earned income changes will take effect (November 2019 for OW and January 2020 for ODSP).
  • Transition Child Benefit will end in November 2019.
  • some overpayments will now be recovered at 10%.

This info sheet also provides information about:

  • what people can do now.
  • the Addiction Services Initiative ending in July 2019.

The info sheet is available on our website as a printable pdf:

As always, anyone living with HIV in Ontario can contact us for free legal advice about any legal issue.



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