Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act: HALCO/Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Brief

While Canada’s proposed Bill C-66 Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act (An Act to establish a procedure for expunging certain historically unjust convictions and to make related amendments to other Acts), was described by Member of Parliament Randy Boissonnault as a law intended to address criminal offences that were used “to victimize LGBTQ2S+ people systematically,” HALCO and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network are concerned that the bill does not address the full range of laws that unjustly and disproportionately affected and continue to affect LGBTQ2S+ people and inhibit their access to HIV prevention, care, treatment and support. The HALCO/Legal Network brief is focused on harmful laws surrounding sex work as well as the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure.  Here is a link to the brief on our website:  www.halco.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Bill_C-66-Submission2018Apr.pdf.

As always, HALCO provides free legal advice for people living with HIV in Ontario about this and other legal issues:  Contact Us.


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