Ontario AIDS Network Honour Roll 2017 – Six new inductees include Ryan Peck, HALCO executive director

The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) held its annual Honour Roll Celebration on Wednesday November 15, 2017.

Ryan Peck and Richard Elliott of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network each received the Social Justice in HIV/AIDS Award.

Christian Hui and Adrian Betts each received the Person with HIV/AIDS Leadership AwardMaureen Owino and Anthony Mohamed each received the Caring Hands Award.

In accepting his award, Ryan highlighted the work of HALCO and its partners, and stressed the vital importance of engaging in both front-line and systemic activities.  Ryan dedicated the award to all the people with HIV who day after day trust HALCO with the most sensitive of information during the most trying of times.

The OAN website explains the Honour Roll:

The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) Honour Roll is a celebration of outstanding leadership and achievement within the HIV/AIDS movement in Ontario. It acknowledges the long-term and consistent contributions of individuals and organizations that use their experiences, skills, resources and voices to champion the cause of HIV/AIDS. The recipients of an Honour Roll Award will have contributed to reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, promoted the empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS, and extended the capacity of the community movement as a major response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ontario.

You can find more information on the OAN website:  https://oan.red/honour-roll/.



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