HALCO staff changes

There have been some recent staff changes at HALCO:

Reluctant farewell to staff lawyer John Nelson

After more than 13 years as a staff lawyer with HALCO, John Nelson retired in 2017.  John articled at HALCO in 2003, and joined as a staff lawyer the following year.  His skill, work ethic, empathy and compassion cannot be overstated.  John’s popularity with clients is legendary. John literally helped people with thousands of legal issues.  HALCO staff and students also benefitted tremendously from John’s knowledge, insight, commitment to our clients, and efforts to ensure access to justice.  We miss John dearly and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Glenn Betteridge is now a permanent staff lawyer

We are very pleased that Glenn, who joined us last year on contract, is now a permanent staff lawyer.  Glenn returned to HALCO and the clinic system in September 2016 after a number of years away.

Congratulations to Clare McMullen-Crummey and her family on the birth of her child

HALCO staff were delighted when staff lawyer Clare’s child was born in September.  We wish Clare and her family all the best.

Welcome Jack Martin (staff lawyer – contract)

We were very pleased when Jack joined us in September 2017 as a staff lawyer providing immigration law services while Clare is on leave.  Jack has worked in immigration law for many years, both in private practice and as the first director of Legal Aid Ontario’s Refugee Law Office. We and our clients are benefitting from Jack’s knowledge and commitment.

Welcome Robin Nobleman (staff lawyer)

As a law student, Robin worked at HALCO in the summer of 2013 and impressed us with her skill and dedication.  After articling and working in the private bar, she returned to HALCO in October 2017 as a staff lawyer. We are delighted to have Robin back.

Wishing Julia Brown all the best

Julia joined us as a staff lawyer last year.  During her time with us, Julia assisted many clients by providing legal advice and representation on a wide variety of legal issues.  In October 2017, she left to join the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly as a staff litigation lawyer (contract).  We wish Julia all the best in her new position (and are very happy that she remains in the legal clinic  system).

The full HALCO staff is as follows (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Glenn Betteridge, staff lawyer
  • Alexander Hood, articling student (2017-2018)
  • Khalid Janmohamed, staff lawyer
  • Meagan Johnston, staff lawyer
  • Rick Lobodzinski, administrative assistant
  • Jack Martin, staff lawyer (contract)
  • Clare McMullen-Crummey, staff lawyer (on parental leave)
  • Jill McNall, community legal worker (licensed paralegal)
  • Robin Nobleman, staff lawyer
  • Ryan Peck, executive director/lawyer
  • Amy Secord, director of administration
  • Amy Wah, staff lawyer



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