Call for Nominations for our 2016 Kreppner Awards

The Kreppner Awards were established by the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) in 2010 to honour the late James Kreppner.

Nominations for our 2016 Kreppner Awards will be accepted until August 31, 2016.


The Award

The late James Kreppner was a great friend to the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) and to people with HIV and Hepatitis C. In recognition of James’ innumerable contributions, HALCO established the Kreppner Awards in 2010. Presented at HALCO’s annual general meeting, the awards recognize the efforts of people who have made significant contributions in advocacy for and support of people with HIV or people with HIV and Hepatitis C in Ontario, Canada.


Up to two awards may be given in any one year. One recognizes outstanding achievements in the area of public service, and the other recognizes exceptional accomplishments that might go unheralded or be considered as within the private sphere (“unsung hero”). There is no requirement that awards be given every year.


Anyone who has been employed by, held office with, or received remuneration from HALCO within two years preceding the HALCO annual general meeting in October 2016 is ineligible to receive an award.


Nominations should provide specific details of the nominee’s accomplishments and relate the nominee’s activities to the Kreppner Award criteria. A committee appointed by HALCO’s board of directors will acknowledge all nominations, review the nominations, and make a recommendation to HALCO’s board of directors.

Candidates selected for an award will be notified by HALCO, and if awards are accepted they will be presented at HALCO’s 2016 annual general meeting.

The deadline for nominations is August 31, 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted. Nominations must include the name and contact information of the person making the nomination. Nominations may be printed, written or typed and delivered by hand, mail, courier, FAX or e-mail to HALCO, at:

    Kreppner Awards Committee
HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO)
1400 – 55 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H7
Fax: 416.340.7248

The above information is also available in the 2016 Kreppner Awards – Call for Nominations (pdf) notice.

James Kreppner was an original member of the HALCO Board of Directors and continued his dedicated service to HALCO until he passed away in 2009. For more about James, please see our HALCO news Fall 2009 newsletter (pages 2 and 13).

Past Kreppner Award Recipients:

2010 (inaugural awards):

  • Unsung Hero award:  Antonia Swann (James Kreppner’s life partner).
  • Outstanding Accomplishment award:  Dr. Gregory Robinson.

(Please see announcement on page 13 of our Annual Report 2010-2011).





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