Staff Changes at HALCO

Renée Lang, John Norquay, Khalid Janmohamed and Raymond Lo:

HALCO bids farewell to Renée Lang, litigation lawyer

Renée joined HALCO in 2004 as the clinic’s litigation specialist. In her more than 10 years at HALCO she did everything from covering reception to attending at the Supreme Court of Canada. Innumerable people, including HALCO’s many articling students, benefitted from her insight and wry wit. Renée was known as HALCO’s resident expert in several distinct areas of law, including privacy and private insurance. We wish Renée every success in her new role as an adjudicator at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

HALCO welcomes Khalid Janmohamed, new litigation lawyer

Khalid has widespread private bar litigation experience, including in areas of law related to private and public benefit systems. As a law student, he was actively involved in Downtown Legal Services, a student legal aid clinic that provides free legal services in Toronto. Khalid has and will continue to support litigation surrounding access to needle and syringe programs in prison, and has participated in an HIV/AIDS awareness and education project in Tanzania. We warmly welcome Khalid.

HALCO immigration lawyer John Norquay takes one-year secondment at Legal Aid Ontario’s Refugee Law Office

John started at HALCO in 2008 as the clinic’s first immigration lawyer, and upon arrival was described as “the most exciting thing to ever happen to HALCO.” He did it all at: summary advice, representation, public legal education, law reform, and community development. And he did it with deep smarts, commitment and compassion. We are very happy that John is taking advantage of this opportunity, but will very much miss him. The Refugee Law Office is lucky. All the best, John.

HALCO welcomes Raymond Lo, contract immigration lawyer

On March 16, 2015, Raymond Lo will join HALCO as an immigration lawyer while John is at the Refugee Law Office. Raymond has immigration/refugee and clinic law experience, and is currently working at Flemingdon Community Legal Services (FCLS). Prior to working at FCLS, he articled at Neighbourhood Legal Services in Toronto. Raymond also worked at a student legal clinic in Victoria, BC, and is currently serving his second year on the National Executive Committee of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers. We thank FCLS for letting us have Raymond, and look forward to working with him.


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