“Know Your Rights” – four new brochures from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has added four new brochures to the Know Your Rights series about the privacy rights and disclosure obligations of people living with HIV.  The brochures are available on-line in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog: www.aidslaw.ca/site/kyr/:

  • Disclosure as a patient (Know Your Rights 5).
  • Privacy and Health Records (Know Your Rights 6).
  • Disclosure in School and Daycare (Know Your Rights 7).
  • Disclosure, Privacy and Parenting (Know Your Rights 8).

The first four Know Your Rights brochures are also on the Legal Network’s website:

  • Disclosure at work (Know Your Rights 1).
  • Accommodation in the workplace (Know Your Rights 2).
  • Remedies for discrimination and privacy violations in the workplace (Know Your Rights 3).
  • Disclosure and post-secondary education (Know Your Rights 4).

Here is a link to the eight Know Your Rights brochures in French Connaître ses droits: www.aidslaw.ca/site/kyr/?lang=fr.

The Legal Network website also includes legal information on many other legal topics: www.aidslaw.ca/site/publications/.

If you are living with HIV in Ontario, please contact us at HALCO for free legal advice.



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