“Know Your Rights” – new legal information from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has released four new brochures about the privacy rights and disclosure obligations of people living with HIV. 

The brochures are available on-line in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog: www.aidslaw.ca/site/kyr/:

  • Disclosure at work (Know Your Rights 1).
  • Accommodation in the workplace (Know Your Rights 2).
  • Remedies for discrimination and privacy violations in the workplace (Know Your Rights 3).
  • Disclosure and post-secondary education (Know Your Rights 4).

Here is a link to the Know Your Rights brochures in French Connaître ses droits: www.aidslaw.ca/site/kyr/?lang=fr.

The Legal Network website also includes legal information on many other legal topics: www.aidslaw.ca/site/publications/.

If you are living with HIV in Ontario, please contact us at HALCO for free legal advice.

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