HALCO Board Member Mark Blans is retiring…sort of

Mark Blans has been with the HALCO board since 1998, and has been at one time or another on every committee and has held every position on the Board, most recently as Secretary/Treasurer. 

Mark’s dedication is renowned, as is his eye for detail.  His contributions are innumerable and his commitment to HALCO continues to be unwavering.  As he steps back a bit for personal/health reasons, we are delighted that Mark plans to continue to be involved as a HALCO Board committee member and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Here are Mark’s own words about leaving the HALCO Board: 


Mark Blans - photo

Mark Blans – photo

15 years have gone by…That’s a long time in HIV terms, a lifetime some might say.

Who knew I’d be here? In the words of one of my favourite performers, “I’m Still Standing” albeit it a bit more un-steady. Hell, I was told I would be gone a long time ago (my cat was to outlive me) but, I’m still here… and “that’s a good thing” I’m told by yet another celeb! 

I’ve had the privilege of working with the most fantastic group of people over these years and have seen “the little clinic that grew” – and I’m proud of that.  I’ve taken away so much more than the clinic has asked of me, and been able to help oh so many countless people in the process.  That’s not to say that the clinic hasn’t actually helped me along the way too but, now I’m practically a law student! 

If anyone knew, just how hard all the staff, management, students and volunteers worked here, it would leave them breathless. And many of them could leave in the “blink of an eye” but, they stay and fight for us every day.  

I would like to thank our funders, mainly Legal Aid Ontario and the AIDS Bureau of the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care for their continued support of our organization, and I look forward to their continued support as unfortunately (based on my observations), our specialized and safe services will be required for quite some time. 

With the help of other funders, grants and support from other foundations, I’d like to see the clinic continue to offer its exceptional services for as long as they may be needed.

In my tenure, I’ve seen well over tens of thousands of issues handled in some fashion by the clinic.  And, I’ve seen/experienced the service, support and help that one might need when overwhelmed by the legal process. 

I wish the clinic and everyone involved with it all the best and may the clinic, and the people it serves, have only successes in the future.

Mark Blans

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