New HIV Disclosure and the Law Resource Kit for Service Providers

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has a new Resource Kit for service providers:

The Resource Kit is intended to provide both PHAs and service providers with useful information and tools to make informed and empowered choices about how to respond to the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada.

The Resource Kit is produced with the partnership of AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, Canadian AIDS Society (CAS), Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le SIDA (COCQ-SIDA), HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) and Positive Living B.C.

If you are living with HIV and have questions about criminal law and HIV, or if you have been charged with an HIV-related crime, please contact us (HALCO). While HALCO staff do not practice criminal law, we can provide information and referrals to defence counsel who have expertise in this area. We work with criminal lawyers who handle HIV-related matters.


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