Public Legal Education

HALCO staff organize, conduct and participate in public legal education events for people with HIV as well as events on HIV legal issues for the community in general.

Our public legal education activities include workshops and presentations at conferences, at AIDS service organizations across Ontario and in many other settings.

We also produce written public legal education materials – please visit Our Publications page for more information about our materials, including our HALCO news newsletter.

HALCO Public Legal Education Presentations

Our presentation topics include:

  • HIV and the Law Overview
  • HIV Disclosure and the Law: Criminal and Public Health Issues
  • HIV and Privacy Law
  • HIV and Immigration Law
  • HIV and Employment Law
  • HIV and Private Insurance
  • Government Sources of Income for Individuals and Families
  • Ontario Disability Support Program Overview
  • Planning Ahead: Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Planning
  • Planning for illness: legal information for people with HIV in Ontario
  • Disability Tax Credits and Registered Disability Savings Plans
  • Ontario’s Drug Benefit Programs
  • Medical Marijuana (Marihuana)

We may provide presentations on other topics or we may be able to suggest other speakers.

Several times each year, we host a series of free public legal education workshops in person at our HALCO office in Toronto, Ontario.  We post information on our What’s New sidebar about each series when the details are finalized.  To receive updates from HALCO including our newsletter and workshop announcements, please visit our Newsletter Sign-Up page:

Please contact us to request a presentation, our participation in an event, or to order copies of our materials.