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HALCO produces a variety of publications, including our HALCO news newsletter. You can click on the publication title or link to view a document.  Most documents are posted in PDF/pdf format – scroll down for a link to download the free Adobe Reader® to be able to access PDF/pdf documents.

For information about our law reform activities, including submissions, etc., please visit our Law Reform section.


  • These publications are for general information only and are not legal advice.
  • The law and policies/practices can change.
  • Each situation is different so if you have a question or problem, we recommend that you get legal advice about your situation. People with HIV in Ontario can contact us for free legal advice.  You can also contact your local legal clinic or a lawyer.

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If you are living with HIV in Ontario, please contact us for free legal advice.

HALCO news Spring 2017 newsletter

Our HALCO news Spring 2017 newsletter includes:

  • HALCO’s Ryan Peck Receives the Sidney B. Linden Award
  • Campaign to Stop Unjust HIV-related Criminal Prosecutions in Ontario
  • Mileage Rate Increase for Social Assistance Recipients (ODSP and OW)
  • Employment Insurance (EI) Waiting Period Reduced to 1 Week
  • HIV and Private Insurance
  • Fourth Increase to Legal Aid Ontario Financial Eligibility Limits
  • HALCO Is Developing a New Strategic Plan
  • HIV Testing and Reporting in Ontario
  • TRANSforming JUSTICE: Trans* Legal Needs Assessment Project

Our newsletter is on our website www.halco.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/HALCO_Newsletter_Spring2017April.pdf.  If you would like a print copy or alternate format, please contact us.

For previous editions of our newsletter, please visit our HALCO newsletters page.

Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure – Information and Updates info sheet

This info sheet includes information about recent developments, as well as information about HALCO free legal services for people living with HIV in Ontario and our public legal education workshops:  www.halco.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/HALCO_Criminalization-Update2017Mar.pdf

Important Change to HIV Testing and Reporting in Ontario

The reporting regulation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) has changed.  For more information, please see our:

New Guide:  Women living with HIV and intimate partner violence: Questions & Answers / Femmes vivant avec le VIH et violence au sein d’une relation intime : Questions et Réponses

This new guide is for women, including trans women, who are living with HIV and who experience or are at risk of experiencing violence from their intimate partner. Intimate partner violence can be physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse from someone with whom you have or had an intimate relationship. Abuse by an intimate partner is not only wrong — it can be against the law.

The guide is available on our website:

(It can be printed in booklet format in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.)

The guide was produced by HALCO, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, METRAC and the AIDS Committee of Toronto. The guide is available in Spanish and Swahili on the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal network website:  www.aidslaw.ca/site/women-living-with-hiv-and-intimate-partner-violence-questions-and-answers/?lang=en.

If you are living with HIV in Ontario, please contact us for free legal advice.

HALCO information pamphlet – new 2016 May

Since we moved in late May 2016, we have a new HALCO information pamphlet (2016May) that is available in print and on-line. Almost everything that you might want to know about HALCO is in one pamphlet. You can view our HALCO pamphlet on -line or you can contact us if you would like to request print copies.

HALCO Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports include information about our people, our legal work, our law reform, our financial reports, our funding and more! You can access each report in pdf format by clicking on the title.  If you would like a print copy of our Annual Report, please contact us.

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013-2014 

Annual Report 2012-2013 

Annual Report 2011-2012 

Annual Report 2010-2011

I owe money / Je dois de l’argent guide

(November 2013)

Our consumer debt guide for people in Ontario includes information about debt, collection agencies, bankruptcy, being sued in court, resources, getting legal help, and more.

The guide is available in pdf in English and French on our website:

Updated – HIV disclosure: A legal guide for gay men in Canada / Dévoilement du VIH: guide d’information sur le droit pour les hommes gais en Canada

Our updated HIV disclosure:  a legal guide for gay men in Canada is now available.  The guide is also available in French: Dévoilement du VIH : guide d’information sur le droit pour les hommes gais au Canada.

The updated guide includes important new legal information about the criminal law and HIV non-disclosure that resulted from the Supreme Court of Canada decisions in 2012.

The guide, written for gay men with HIV in Canada, offers information about HIV disclosure and Canadian criminal law. It also has information about disclosure and other areas of the law, such as public health, privacy, employment, travel and immigration. The guide provides resources and contacts for more information.

The guide is available in print and to download as a pdf.  You can download the guide as a pdf (on our website):

You can order print copies of the guide from CATIE:

Planning for illness: legal information for people living with HIV in Ontario / Planification en cas de maladie : renseignements juridiques à l’intention des personnes vivant avec le VIH en Ontario

HALCO and the African and Caribbean Council on HIV /AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO) produced a public legal education resource for people in Ontario:

Topics in the booklet include:  powers of attorney, wills, planning for your children, your home, benefits, resources, services and more.  Print copies may be ordered from CATIE:  416-203-7122 or toll-free 1-800-263-1638, www.catie.ca.

HALCO Strategic Plan

Please visit our Mission, Vision and Principles page for information about HALCO’s Strategic Plan:  www.halco.org/about/mission.


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