Family Law

“Family Law” includes legal issues like separation, divorce, child custody and access, child support, and spousal support.  This page includes information and links about family law, family/domestic violence and getting legal help.

Although we do not practice family law, we can provide information and referrals. We can also work with family lawyers on HIV-related issues.  Please see Getting legal help below.

Family Law information

The Ontario Government website has information about family law in Ontario:

The Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) website includes information on family law and legal aid in Ontario:

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) has pamphlets about family law on the CLEO website or in print:

The Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) website provides family law information in thirteen languages and different formats:

Family/Domestic Violence

If you are afraid that someone might hurt you, your child or someone that you know, you can talk to a lawyer or a legal clinic to find out about options (see below for legal help).  Please see our Other Areas of Law section for more information for victims of crime.

The Assaulted Women’s Helpline is a free 24 hour confidential telephone service for women in Ontario:  telephone 416-863-0511 or toll-free 1-866-863-0511, TTY 416-364-8762 or TTY toll-free 1-866-863-7868,

New Guide:  Women living with HIV and intimate partner violence: Questions & Answers / Femmes vivant avec le VIH et violence au sein d’une relation intime : Questions et réponses

This new guide is for women, including trans women, who are living with HIV and who experience or are at risk of experiencing violence from their intimate partner. Intimate partner violence can be physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse from someone with whom you have or had an intimate relationship.  The guide is available on our website:

(The guide can be printed in booklet format in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.)

The Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) includes information about how to “cover your tracks”  on-line so that someone else cannot easily find out the websites that you have visited:

The Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) website also includes information:

Here are some other sources of information about family/domestic violence:

Getting legal help

If you are living with HIV and have family law questions, please contact us for information and referrals.

Your local community legal clinic may provide you with information and referrals:

If you are living in Ontario, you can contact Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) for family law information and assistance:

The Law Society Referral Service (LSRS) of the Law Society of Upper Canada is an on-line service that provides a referral to a lawyer or paralegal for an in-person or phone consultation of up to 30 minutes at no charge: The LSRS crisis telephone for people in custody, in crisis, in a shelter or in a remote community without internet access is 416-947-5255 or toll-free 1-855-947-5255, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. For more information please see the Law Society Referral Service information on the Law Society of Upper Canada website: